Videography is a MUST!

You have waited your whole life for your big day…so cherish every moment with a wedding video documenting all the day’s excitement. Thousands of dollars are spent on wedding materials that you will only use one day…the rented tuxedos, the hall, the food that is eaten, the flowers…the list goes on and on. In the coming years, you will have only your memories of the day with a few pictures along the way.

Brides often realize too late that they miss much of their day. Anxiety, friends and family are often so much to take in, that the couple simply cannot fully enjoy all the activities of the day. The biggest day of the bride’s life is actually spent waiting to make her grand entrance. Meanwhile, half of the ceremony is over. The singers, candle lighters, Mothers, Grandmother, Bridesmaids, Groomsmen and children have all made their way down the isle. The bride never saw any of it!

Photography is fantastic! However, it catches only a glimpse of the day. Videography is a must for every bride who cares about the day. Along with video, we capture the music, emotion and sounds of the day. Video is able to capture moments that will be cherished forever. The Father’s toast, the bouquet toss, the bride’s entrance down the isle, or that long awaited kiss.

Once your day is gone….it is gone forever. Many brides come to me wishing they would have had a video of their day. The value of a video increase as the years go by….Children grow, people change, and unfortunately people pass on. I have never seen a bride who wishes she had not had the presence of mind to hire a Videographer. Capture all the traditional elegance and un-expected surprises that make your big day memorable.

Written by Brian Lamons, VideoTech Production Services.

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