Great Weddings & “I Do’s”

Bride-To-Be Registration form

Note Pad & Pen

Take notes! You will see so much and talk with tons of vendors that you may be left confused and wondering which vendor you spoke with that had that perfect deal that you wanted to follow up on.

Check book & credit card

You can put deposits down to hold your wedding date.  This is so important!  If you like a particular vendor, do not wait another day! Book it!  If you don’t they may not be available when you finally decide.

You will also be able to take advantage of the show discounts.

Swatches of your colors

So the vendors can have a clear idea of what you may need.
While you are at the show

Ask lot of questions!

Wedding Professionals are at the show to answer all of your questions.  This is not the time to be shy! Ask details about their product or services and the show packages they may be offering.

Make it a Girl’s Day Out!

Bring your wedding party & friends…They will feel a lot more involved in your Special Day.

Finally, DRESS COMFORTABLE!   Have Fun!!!


Organize Your Wedding 12 Month Checklist


____Consult with a wedding planner.

____ Decide on style of your wedding.

____ Decide on date of your wedding.

____ Decide on location.

____ Reserve officiant.

____ Set a tentative budget.

____ Decide how expenses will be shared.

____ Decide on guest list.

____ Announce engagement.

____ Select and invite wedding party.

____ Shop for wedding rings.

____ Reserve reception location as soon as you have set the date.

____ Select and book cater.

____ Start compiling names and addresses for guest list.

____ Decide on your color scheme.

____ Start shopping for your wedding dress and headpiece.

____ Discuss where you will live after the wedding.



____ Send your engagement announcement to the newspaper.

____ Select your bridal registry and make choices.

____ Select florist.

____ Select balloonist.

____ Select and book photographer and videographer.

____ Select and reserve rental equipment for ceremony and reception.

____ Select and book reception entertainment.

____ Order bridal gown.

____ Order bridesmaids’ dresses

____ Select bakery for wedding cake.

____ Select a travel agent and start planning your honeymoon location.



____ Select and order invitations.

____ Complete your guest list.

____ Start health and fitness program.

____ Check on wedding dress.

____ Select formalwear for men.

____ Select and order mothers’ attire.

____ Experiment with hair style.

____ Discuss service with officiant.

____ Order favors.



____ Address invitations and announcements.

____Send invitations six weeks before.

____ Confirm all contracts and services with the professional hired.

____ Plan and book rehearsal dinner.

____ Finalize honeymoon plans.

____ Arrange accommodations for out-of-town guests.

____ Purchase attendants’ gifts.

____ Choose person to attend your guest book.

____ Make reservation for the wedding night hotel.

____ Make appointment with your hair stylist on the wedding day.



____ Get blood test and marriage license.

____ Have wedding dress final fitting.

____ Have bridal portrait done.

____ Complete shopping for your trousseau.

____ Purchase your accessories such as garter, candles, toasting goblets, ring pillow, etc.

____ Have wedding and engagement rings taken to jeweler for attachment and cleaning.

____ Maintain records on gifts received and send thank you notes out immediately.

____ Meet with photographer and discuss with him/her a list of shots you would like taken.

____ Meet with the entertainers and give them a list of music you would like played.

____ Assign responsibilities for :

Rental returns


Guest transportation

Pick-up of any last minute items



____ Pick up wedding rings and make sure they fit properly.

____ Continue writing thank you notes for gifts received.

____ Final confirmation of all services.



____ Provide caterer with total guest count.

____ Provide wedding party and guests a map and timetable for rehearsal, ceremony and reception.

____ Plan seating arrangements.

____ Pick up marriage license.

____ Begin packing for honeymoon.

____ Determine what to do with floral arrangements after reception.



____ Send thank you notes as soon as possible after the wedding.

____ Have bridal gown cleaned and preserved.

____ Change your name on ID and important documents.

____ Change of address cards.

Save the Date/Announcements/Wedding Invitations

Announcing Your Engagement/Save the Date/Wedding Invitations

Congratulations! You are beginning one of the most exciting times of your life. The next few months will be filled with planning and parties honoring you and your fiancé. It is only natural to want to share your joy with family and loved ones, beginning with the announcement of your engagement.

Although it is not necessary to follow strict rules of etiquette regarding your announcement, here are a few appropriate guidelines to follow.

Both of your parents should be the first to know. If they live out of town, try to schedule personal visits to make the announcement. If your parents have never met, plan a special occasion to get acquainted. Host an informal picnic or make reservations at your favorite restaurant. This presents an opportunity for them to discuss the role they want to play in the wedding.

Next, share your exciting news with the remainder of your friends and relatives with personal phone calls and notes. Your engagement provides a wonderful occasion for a gathering or party. The party can be hosted by you and your fiancé or your parents.

Finally, Go to and submit your engagement FREE!  You may also want to prepare an announcement for your local newspaper. There is a charge so you will want to contact the society editor of your paper to learn their specific procedures. Make a duplicate copy to be sent to your fiancé’s hometown, if different from yours. If you are including a photograph, make sure it is a black and white print. Identify the print with your name, address and phone number to insure its return. You may also email your photo if you have your photos accessible through your computer.

If the parents of the bride are divorced, either parent may announce the engagement. However, both parents should be mentioned in the article. If one or both parents are deceased,  the engagement may be announced by a relative, friend or by the bride herself.

Wedding Invitations

The style of your wedding is reflected in the invitations and stationery you choose. The invitation sets the tone of the wedding, so take the time to select them carefully.

Once you have prepared your guest list, you can begin looking for invitations. There are many stationers and specialty printers who can offer you special assistance with the proper wedding etiquette.

There are many exciting invitation styles to choose from traditional, contemporary or custom designs. You will find a wide variety of paper choices, ranging from the traditional white to a rainbow of pastels. Engagement photographs and monograms are just two ideas that can add a personalized touch. Your stationer will no doubt have several catalogs from which you can choose. Prices will vary, so shop around.

Tradition has established guidelines forwording invitations, although today many variations are used. However, the general information remains the same. Once the wording is determined, the size and style of the lettering is selected from a wide variety available.

Order your invitations three to six months in advance. The invitations should be mailed four to six weeks before the wedding. Informal invitations should be sent out at least ten days before.

Your invitations should be neatly hand-written, never typed. Calligraphy is a trend that is enjoying popularity these days. It is a perfect solution for the busy bride. A calligrapher will not only address the invitations, they also stuff and mail them. It is recommended that you contact a calligrapher several months in advance so that they can schedule your order.

Videography is a MUST!

You have waited your whole life for your big day…so cherish every moment with a wedding video documenting all the day’s excitement. Thousands of dollars are spent on wedding materials that you will only use one day…the rented tuxedos, the hall, the food that is eaten, the flowers…the list goes on and on. In the coming years, you will have only your memories of the day with a few pictures along the way.

Brides often realize too late that they miss much of their day. Anxiety, friends and family are often so much to take in, that the couple simply cannot fully enjoy all the activities of the day. The biggest day of the bride’s life is actually spent waiting to make her grand entrance. Meanwhile, half of the ceremony is over. The singers, candle lighters, Mothers, Grandmother, Bridesmaids, Groomsmen and children have all made their way down the isle. The bride never saw any of it!

Photography is fantastic! However, it catches only a glimpse of the day. Videography is a must for every bride who cares about the day. Along with video, we capture the music, emotion and sounds of the day. Video is able to capture moments that will be cherished forever. The Father’s toast, the bouquet toss, the bride’s entrance down the isle, or that long awaited kiss.

Once your day is gone….it is gone forever. Many brides come to me wishing they would have had a video of their day. The value of a video increase as the years go by….Children grow, people change, and unfortunately people pass on. I have never seen a bride who wishes she had not had the presence of mind to hire a Videographer. Capture all the traditional elegance and un-expected surprises that make your big day memorable.

Written by Brian Lamons, VideoTech Production Services.

Who Pays for What?

The Bride:
•Wedding ring for the groom (if it is a double ring ceremony)
•Wedding gift for the groom
•Presents for the bridal attendants
•Personal stationery
•Accommodations for her out-of-town attendants
•Her physical examination and blood test

The Groom:
•Bride’s ring
•Wedding gift for the bride
•Marriage license
•Gifts for best man and ushers
•Flowers: Bride’s bouquet, going away corsage, corsage for mother’s, boutonnieres for men in wedding party
•Accommodations for out-of-town ushers or best man
•His physical examination and blood test
•Gloves, ties, or ascots for the men in the wedding party
•Fee for the clergyman
•Optional: Bachelor dinner

The Bride’s Family:
•The entire cost of the reception: rental hall (if reception is not held at home), caterer, food (including wedding cake, beverages, gratuities for bartenders, waiters, music, decorations and flowers
•A wedding gift for the newlyweds
•Bride’s wedding attire and personal trousseau
•Wedding invitations, announcements and mailing costs
•Fee for engagement and wedding photographs
•Ceremony: rental of sanctuary, fees for organist, soloist or choir and sexton (often included in charge for premises but if not, there are set fees), aisle carpets and/or canopy and any other costs for decorations
•Bridesmaids’ bouquets
•Gratuities to policeman directing traffic and/or parking
•Transportation for bridal party from the bride’s house to the wedding ceremony and the reception
•Bridesmaids’ luncheon

The Groom’s Family:
•Clothes for the wedding
•Any traveling expenses and hotel bills they incur
•Wedding gift for bride and groom
•Optional: Rehearsal dinner or any other expenses they elect to assume

The Attendants and Groomsmen:
•Their wedding attire
•Any traveling expenses they incur
•Wedding gift for the couple
•Showers given by the Maid of Honor and/or Bridesmaids
•Bachelor Party given by the Bestman and/or Groomsmen

The Guest:
•Any traveling expenses and hotel bills for themselves
•Wedding gift for the couple

Why Hire a Wedding Planner

These are all of the things that a Professional Bridal Consultant (PBCtm) hears on a regular basis from 90% of the couples out there. After the wedding about 80% of the same ladies or people that were associated with the couple throughout the process will say to someone, “We should have had a bridal consultant, I don’t care how much they cost, and we should have met with that one lady.” “Susie Bride was so stressed out that she added a new meaning to the word Bridezilla.”

Don’t be a “should of, would of, and could of couple.” Spare everyone’s feelings including your own and hire a Professional Bridal Consultant (PBCtm). It is ok to ask for help and in the long run, you and everyone that knows you and the groom will be glad that you did! Even if you are the classic “control freak” you need help. Let me give you the top ten reasons to hire a bridal consultant:

  1. A PBCtm will know which vendors to use and which one’s not to use.
    09.  A PBCtm will know which vendors will meet your needs and budget.
    08.  A PBCtm will be able to save you time and money, not cost you more.
    07.  A PBCtm will do as little or as much as you want them to, just let that professional know exactly what it is that you need for him/her to do.
    06.  A PBCtm can help you set and follow a budget so that you do not get carried away or stuck buying something that you really do not need.
    05.  A PBCtm can be your mediator with all that are involved.
    04. A PBCtm can help you with the rules of etiquette.
    03.  A PBCtm will know what is “in” and what is “out” in the industry.
    02.  A PBCtm will help you remain organized and on schedule.01. A PBCtm is your personal assistant; everyone wants their own personal assistant!
    01.  A PBCtm is your personal assistant; everyone wants their own personal assistant!

– Call a PBCtm today, what can it hurt. Through education and communication you will learn exactly what a bridal consultant is and how you really do need one.

Simply Elegant Wedding and Event Planning L.L.C.
By Stephanie Snofke