Why Hire a Wedding Planner

These are all of the things that a Professional Bridal Consultant (PBCtm) hears on a regular basis from 90% of the couples out there. After the wedding about 80% of the same ladies or people that were associated with the couple throughout the process will say to someone, “We should have had a bridal consultant, I don’t care how much they cost, and we should have met with that one lady.” “Susie Bride was so stressed out that she added a new meaning to the word Bridezilla.”

Don’t be a “should of, would of, and could of couple.” Spare everyone’s feelings including your own and hire a Professional Bridal Consultant (PBCtm). It is ok to ask for help and in the long run, you and everyone that knows you and the groom will be glad that you did! Even if you are the classic “control freak” you need help. Let me give you the top ten reasons to hire a bridal consultant:

  1. A PBCtm will know which vendors to use and which one’s not to use.
    09.  A PBCtm will know which vendors will meet your needs and budget.
    08.  A PBCtm will be able to save you time and money, not cost you more.
    07.  A PBCtm will do as little or as much as you want them to, just let that professional know exactly what it is that you need for him/her to do.
    06.  A PBCtm can help you set and follow a budget so that you do not get carried away or stuck buying something that you really do not need.
    05.  A PBCtm can be your mediator with all that are involved.
    04. A PBCtm can help you with the rules of etiquette.
    03.  A PBCtm will know what is “in” and what is “out” in the industry.
    02.  A PBCtm will help you remain organized and on schedule.01. A PBCtm is your personal assistant; everyone wants their own personal assistant!
    01.  A PBCtm is your personal assistant; everyone wants their own personal assistant!

– Call a PBCtm today, what can it hurt. Through education and communication you will learn exactly what a bridal consultant is and how you really do need one.

Simply Elegant Wedding and Event Planning L.L.C.
By Stephanie Snofke